ACDelco CONNECTION – The Right Parts at Your Fingertips


CONNECTION is an online parts catalogue and stand-alone ordering system for automotive parts sales. With CONNECTION you can check inventory and place an online order directly from your ACDelco parts supplier.

CONNECTION features parts for all makes, all models based on your warehouse distributor’s inventory. Best of all, CONNECTION is an Internet-based solution, so there is no software to install or update. CONNECTION makes it easy for a technician or counterperson to locate, view, and order the right parts needed for the job directly from your supplier with only a few clicks of the mouse.

If your business uses Mitchell Manager/ Manager Plus, ROWriter, GEMCAR or Protractor shop management systems you can make your parts ordering even easier and more efficient. The ACDelco online catalogue allows integration into your SMS -- ask your ACDelco Representative for additional integrations. When you use the Estimate or Repair Order function, it will automatically navigate to CONNECTION as a logged in user and the selected vehicle info from the Estimate/RO will be passed into the catalogue. All selected and/or ordered parts are automatically transferred back to the Estimate/RO, as well.

Getting Started with SmartSearch 
Smart Search is the easiest way to find what you are looking for via CONNECTION. Start typing and suggestions will begin populating as shown in the picture. 

New Lookup
You can start a search by selecting year, make, model and engine.

Additional Search Options
CONNECTION offers a variety of ways to find parts needed for your repair job. Using the Parts and Accessories Catalogue, select a vehicle by entering the VIN, searching by year, make, model, engine, or selecting from the recent vehicle list. Then, perform any of the following searches to find parts.

1.    Service Trend Advisor
See the top 40 repairs completed on the selected vehicle in the last six months in your geographic region. Using Service Trend Advisor, you can inspect and replace known problem areas BEFORE a failing part leaves a customer stranded, thus helping create customer loyalty and increasing your billable hours

2.    Favourite Jobs
Create and save multi-part lookup for the most common jobs you perform like brakes, water pump and timing belt, tune-up, fleet-vehicle jobs and more. A single click on the saved favourite job lets you look up all or some of the parts in the job at once. 

3.    Recent Searches
Recent Searches show the last few searches/lookups performed on the selected vehicle, even if one of the searches was months ago.

4.    A-Z Parts List 
View the total number of part types that fit the selected vehicle. Every part contained in the alphabetized list is valid for the vehicle you have selected.

5.    Group/Sub Group
Select a Group to see all the parts organized by sub groups for the vehicle selected. Narrow your results by selecting the sub group. Choose one or more parts or search to narrow down the parts on the screen. You can add parts from multiple Groups and Sub Groups. 

Exclusive Access to the ACDelco Specialty Catalogues
CONNECTION also provides you EXCLUSIVE access to the ACDelco Specialty Catalogues.

Illustrated Catalogue

•    The go-to source for GM vehicles
•    VIN filtering to RPO Code
•    System illustrations for GM vehicles 1992 to present
•    Product Family information if available (Professional, Advantage, Specialty)

Battery Catalogue
•    Search by application:
      automotive, powersports, marine and other
•    Battery Reset Guide outlines automotive reset procedures
•    Battery Locator for most automotive makes and models

Pigtail Catalogue
•    Find pigtails by number of cavities/gender/part number
•    Find the appropriate socket for vehicle

New Smart Page
The smart page provides product specs and technical information about the part like Product Description, Features and Benefits, Warranty, Safety Data

Promo Indicator
Now, it’s easy to tell if there is a promotion on a part by looking for the green Promo Item. Hover over the text to find details about the promotion.

The Market 
Locate non-application items that your part seller offers. The Market is fully searchable, making it easy to locate and purchase products.

CONNECTION users receive GMSi at no additional charge for the following month once $3,000 in ACDelco purchases in any given month via CONNECTION is reached. The offer is open to all CONNECTION customer types.
Go to the promotional dashboard in CONNECTION to register.
The promotion dashboard also gives you information on any ACDelco national promotions that may be running such as TIS2Web, part specials, and part seller promotions.