Professional Service Centre

Exclusive Support for your Business!
A high return loyalty program, open to qualified Canadian Independent Service Centres. Provides business support that helps support ISCs to grow their business, increase profitability and improve overall operating efficiency.   This is a jam packed program with something for every business.

Who Should Join?
This program is an ideal business support program for Canadian repair facilities that support ACDelco parts and are interested in earning valuable incentives and receiving advanced training for technicians and staff.

What is Included?
For an affordable monthly subscription fee, the ACDelco PSC program entitles you to a lengthy list of benefits including business support services, technical training and diagnostic information.  The ACDelco PSC program uses a 5-tier structure with increasing benefits and financial incentives corresponding to higher purchases of ACDelco products.  Additionally, upon reaching a minimum monthly purchase threshold - you are eligible to receive an earn back percentage on your reported purchases of ACDelco products. 

Key Benefits

  • Training 
  • Rewards Program
  • Labour Reimbursement - New! Online Claim Form
  • Roadside Assistance 
  • Exclusive Promotions

Need more Info?
To find out more about the ACDelco Professional Service Centre (PSC) Program or any other ACDelco programs, please contact an authorized ACDelco supplier.