ACDelco Training


Offering Seminars, In-Shop and hundreds of online courses! See our catalogue of courses.
Recognizing the need to provide additional business support, we have built one of the most comprehensive training programs for Independent Repair facilities in Canada. With the increasing need for training, increased breadth of training courses and more access to online tools, we have invested in an in-depth training program. We are committed to continuously adding new courses including virtual training courses and online courses to ensure your team is equipped with updated skills.  This includes our Virtual MyShops and Seminars.

Our approach to training is to offer different types of courses to suit all learning styles and schedules, including Web-based training, Virtual Training, Live Seminars, Online Technical Assessments, and On-Site “MyShop” Training (exclusive to ACDelco members in specific tiers). We also offer specialized training courses at a discounted rate throughout the year, such as CFC Certification Training.


CLICK HERE  to download our ACDelco Training Catalogue to see the full list of available training opportunities to grow your skills and your career.  
This catalogue includes all course details for the in-person, virtual and online courses including an overview and training paths for each subject area.  Each recommended path gives you a detailed recommended path for what course to take in what order and follows entry-level to advanced courses.

With an ACDelco Membership and Training, you get access to:
  • Hundreds of Web-Based, Video On Demand, and Self-Study training courses
  • Quizzes and exercises at the end of each lesson to help you retain information faster
  • Flexible, self-paced learning that fits your schedule
  • Priority scheduling for virtual and in-person training opportunities
  • Certified and experienced ACDelco instructors
  • Downloadable certificates for every course you complete to showcase in your shop
  • Unlimited number of logins for technicians at your shop
  • Monthly draws and promotions for completing a training course
  • Technical Assessment Tool to help identify technical skills and competencies (Exclusive to ACDelco PSC/RSSP Members)

Take a Free Test Drive of ACDelco Web-Based Training Courses!
Click here to take a tour of some of our sample Web-based training courses to see if online training is the best option for you. Select a sample course from the list and click Launch Course.
If you are looking for more information on ACDelco Training or would like to learn more about our programs, contact an authorized ACDelco Distributor in your area.