​Engine Stall Due to Poor Terminal Contact

2011-2014 Chevrolet Cruze equipped with 1.4L turbocharger 4-cylinder engine

If the ignition coil connection has fretting on the terminals, causing a poor connection, the engine may stall or hesitate when accelerating from a stop. Inspect the 7-pin coil pack connector for poor terminal contact or fretting. Fretting is a buildup of non-conductive insulating oxidized debris occurring between two electrical contact surfaces of a connection or connector. This may be caused by vibration; thermal cycling; poor connection/ terminal retention; micro motion; or movement of a poorly secured connector, component or wiring harness. Fretting corrosion looks like little dark smudges on electrical terminals and appears where the actual electrical contact is being made. In less severe cases, it may be unable to be seen or identified without the use of a magnifying glass. Apply dielectric lubricant to both the component side and harness side of the affected connector. 

If terminal damage is found, replace the coil pack connector. Refer to Ignition Coil Replacement and Splicing Copper Wire Using Splice Sleeves in the appropriate Service Information.

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