Why you should look at ACDelco Advantage Coated Rotors
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Everyday seems like a great day to talk about the weather.  Here’s a new twist.

Our rainy springs, humid summers and difficult winters are taking their toll on our vehicles.  Winter liquid road sprays alone have been increasing vehicle corrosion.

Coupled with things like open wheel design, rotors seem to be taking a hit in the complaints department.  It’s not that they aren’t always functioning properly, it’s that the weather is speeding up corrosion and your customers can see it every day when they hop in their cars!

Solution? Coated Rotors.

Simply put - thoroughly coating a rotor can provide corrosion protection.

It’s important to distinguish between ‘coated’ vs. ‘painted’.  In ACDelco’s case, ‘coated’ means a baked on coating that provides a comprehensive coating to help prevent corrosion.  ‘Painted’ is just that – a layer of paint that will disguise protection in the short term, rapidly wear and result in the same cycle of corrosion.

ACDelco Coated Rotors and COOL SHIELD™

ACDelco uses a specific coating technology called COOL SHIELD™.   The entire rotor including its interior has a baked on, robotic applied coating for long lasting rust protection, compared to an uncoated rotor.   Edges and vanes also stay cleaner longer, for optimal cooling.

Product Benefits
  • COOL SHIELD™ coated edges and vanes stay cleaner longer for optimal cooling
  • Application specific vane configurations keep the rotor running cool and quiet
  • Entire rotor including its interior has baked on coating for durability
  • Robotic applied coating helps maintain the clean look of open wheel designs - no longer showcasing unappealing rust and corrosion

Why Correct Vane Configurations Matter

Vanes play a key role in safety and performance.  Application specific vane configurations keep the rotor running cool and quiet.  Specially designed shapes and placement of vanes help dampen noise and vibration and maximize airflow to keep rotor running cool (those that cannot dissipate heat properly can unexpectedly fail).

Weighing in on it

Rotors are sized according to many factors - wheel size, calipers used, unsprung weight of the vehicle, tire type, price etc.   A properly designed brake system will take into account the optimal operating temperature of both the rotor and pads.  An efficient rotor is generally one that carries away heat in the most effective way.
Rotors are made of cast iron which can contain a variety of alloys with different densities and performance characteristics.   Rotors from different manufacturers may look the same but perform significantly different under braking conditions.  All this to say – make sure you pick up and take a look at that brake rotor.  From vanes to its weight – the engineering can definitely matter.

Quality Parts – Competitive Price Point

ACDelco’s Advantage Coated Rotors are high quality and application specific engineered, and available at a competitive price point.  Fit, form and function are always a priority and these rotors have the chamfer angle, vane configuration and rotor plate thickness all matching the OE design.

Next time you see a corroded rotor, think about your coated rotor options with ACDelco Advantage Rotors!