ACDelco ‘10 for TEN’ February Rewards Promotion


The ACDelco ‘10 for TEN’ February ACE Promotion (“Promotion”) is offered only in Canada by ACDelco, a division of General Motors of Canada Company “GM Canada” (1908 Colonel Sam Drive, Oshawa, ON, L1H 8P7 – hereinafter the “Sponsor” or “ACDelco”).  It runs from 12:00:00 AM (ET) February 1, 2019 and ends February 28, 2019 at 11:59:59 pm ET (“Promotion Period”) and is open only to Canadian ACDelco Automotive Care Expert (“ACE”) members, who, as of February 28, 2019 had signed and were officially registered as an ACDelco ACE member (“Eligible ACE account”).

CMG Marketing Inc., 89 Research Road, Toronto, ON, M4G 2G8.

By participating in the Promotion, each participating Eligible ACE account fully and unconditionally agrees to and accepts these Official Guidelines and the decisions of the Sponsor and the independent contest administrator, which are final and binding in all matters related to the Promotion. Qualifying is contingent upon fulfilling all requirements set forth herein, as determined in the sole discretion of the Sponsor.

  • Eligible ACE accounts will be provided with an objective of buying an increase of 10% during the month of February 2019 over the same time period in 2018. For further clarity, the objective for February 2019 for each ACE account will be 10% greater than that ACE account’s actual net ACDelco February 2018 purchases, if the February 2018 sales were at least $1150 for the month.
  • The 10% objective for each ACE account will be over and above the actual reported 2018 dollar amount (or 10% above the monthly rewards minimum of $1150) and that will need to be achieved as the baseline. If the ACE account has not achieved a minimum of the 10% increase year over year based on the objective provided, they will not qualify to earn any Bonus ACE rewards points. 
  • At the completion of the promotion (March 11, 2019 to reconcile combined purchases), ACDelco will review the February 2019 ACDelco purchase totals for the individual ACE account and compare to the promotional purchase objective and will calculate a 10% ACE ‘10 for 10’ Bonus (assuming all other minimum objectives have been met), for every dollar that is above the 2018 purchase.
  • Depending on the ACE member rewards specification, the Bonus will be paid out through a reporting distributor rebate or through the ACE Visa rewards. The cardholder on file will earn the Visa rewards,
  • The qualifying ACE account will earn a 10% ACE rewards Bonus for every dollar above what they purchased from ACDelco in 2018, ie on the incremental.
  • Only the Eligible ACE account cardholder on file will earn the Bonus ACE Visa rewards points. Only ACE accounts that were registered and approved as an active member on or before February 28, 2019 qualify to earn the bonus. For accounts that do not have purchase history for February 2018, or did not meet the minimum purchase of $1150 during the same period, an objective of $1265 will be given with the incremental starting at $1150 (assuming a minimum purchase of $1265 February. For accounts that were part of the PSC program in February 2018, and are now ACE program members, their PSC purchases will be reviewed to obtain an objective.
  • Only active Canadian Automotive Care Experts program members/accounts, who were official program members as of February 28, 2019 may qualify. Non program Independent Service Centres, GM Dealers, Jobbers and ACDelco full line and single Distributors do not qualify. All ACDelco purchases will be summarized by official ACDelco ACE account codes. Purchases will be calculated using ACDelco’s eSmart purchase Reporting System, using Net purchases (total purchases before tax, less warranty, less returns) and all purchases must be posted by March 10, 2019.  All ACDelco part purchases from multiple ACDelco Authorized Full Line Distributors will be combined for the month. Late or inaccurately reported purchases will not be applied. If February purchases are provided late through this reporting, and tagged later – these purchases will not qualify for this promotion. 
  • Incorrectly reported net purchases will not qualify. ACDelco’s records are final in the event of dispute.
The rewards awarded under this Promotion are made by General Motors Canada to the qualifying Eligible ACE account.  Liability (if any) for withholding, reporting or payment of any applicable Federal, Provincial, GST or other sales or Income Tax is the responsibility of the ACE Account/business, and not ACDelco or GM Canada.  Where required, ACDelco/GM Canada will supply to the qualifying ACDelco Eligible ACE Accounts receiving a rewards a letter detailing the amount of the taxable benefit by February 17, 2020.