ACDelco offers several product lines to provide customers like you with a number of choices when picking out parts. Each of these product classifications has its own benefits and has each been engineered and tested to meet ACDelco’s high standards. Look for these product icons as you browse our parts.

  • GM Original Equipment (GM OE)
    GM OE parts replace those installed during the production of a GM vehicle and are designed to meet or exceed original equipment specifications. ACDelco has a portfolio of more than 33, 000 GM OE parts that fall into this category.
  • ACDelco Professional
    The Professional category of high-quality aftermarket products covers most GM vehicles as well as many other makes and models (varies by product line). Most of the current ACDelco line falls into this category, which is a high-quality alternative to GM OE products
  • ACDelco Advantage
    Advantage products offer fit, form and function for most makes and models similar to GM OE, but a more attractive price. This provides a competitively priced, quality alternative to unbranded aftermarket components.
  • Specialty
    For some parts, we also offer a Specialty line. These products are designed to meet a specific need for a narrow audience – such as our performance brake products, which are rotors and friction designed or police vehicles