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ACDelco CONNECTION – The Right Parts at Your Fingertips
CONNECTION is an online parts catalogue and stand-alone ordering system for automotive parts sales. With CONNECTION you can check inventory and place an online order directly from your ACDelco parts supplier.

Getting started with Smart Search™! Smart Search™ is the easiest way to find what you are looking for via CONNECTION. Start typing and suggestions will begin populating.

Contact your ACDelco distributor for more details or log into CONNECTION.

2016 Tool Bucks Promotion Reminder
Just a reminder that the Tool Bucks promotion is continuing to December 31st, 2016. So don’t forget to register online and keep saving your belt sleeves and box tops. A program that lets you earn Professional-Grade Tools and other great rewards just by saving and redeeming your ACDelco belt sleeves.

Visit to register!


Product Spotlight: Professional Ignition and Switch Products
Did you know that General Motors Original Equipment (GM OE) and Professional ignition and switch products are put through a variety of tests, often under extreme or unusual conditions, to help deliver the quality parts you expect?  Some examples include:

Ignition Modules 

-    ACDelco adds large buss bars to the original part design for added structural support and conductivity
-    Laser trimming provides precise values and helps eliminate deterioration and damage
-    Electronically welded lead connections help eliminate heat-stress failure or cold joints
-    Copper slug hear sink helps dissipate heat and create a more stable environment

Ignition Coils 

-    Laminations are corrosion-protected to ensure coils are not exposed to harsh operating environments
-    Laminations are shaped to ensure steel plates surrounding the coil correctly match the original part size and number of plates

For more information, contact your ACDelco distributor.

Thanks to our Program member from:  Taber, AB
Vehicle:  2005 BMW X5, 4.8L
Condition:    Battery location
Battery is located in rear compartment area over wheel well. Replacement requires reset of battery monitor.


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