2021 ACDelco New Member Sign-Up Bonus Promotion - COMPLETED

Promotion Dates: August 1, 2021 - December 31, 2021

Register for our ACDelco PSC Program Today and Get up to $500 in Savings!


  • 50% Off First 3-months – Billed through your sponsoring distributor on file. 
  • A $25 Rewards Sign-Up Bonus – Paid to you this month based on your rewards selection.
  • 1 Free MyShop Training Course
The New Member Sign-Up Bonus Promotion is open to Canadian repair facilities who register for the ACDelco Professional Service Centre (PSC) Program from August 1-December 31, 2021*. The New Member Sign-Up Bonus Promotion is a one-time offer of $25.00 CAD Bonus Reward Payment, 50% off the monthly membership fee for a 3-month period, and the opportunity to schedule and complete a MyShop training course (over $500 CAD in savings). See promotion guidelines and any exclusions below.

In addition to these savings qualifying new members will have access to all existing Program benefits, including:
  • ACDelco Rewards Program - Earn up to 5% on qualifying ACDelco purchases
  • Numerous technical and business benefits and discounts
  • Labour Reimbursement Program
  • Roadside Assistance for your customers
  • And best of all, unlimited, free online training courses!

See below for an overview of the promotion savings:
50% Off Membership Fee – 3 Months
You will receive 50% off the regular program membership rate for three months based on your registration date. This will be billed through your sponsoring distributor on file. You will be billed the regular rate starting on the fourth month of registration. You will have access to ALL Program benefits even during the discounted period!
$25 Sign-Up Rewards Bonus
You will be given a $25 Sign-Up Bonus as a one-time offer based. This will be paid to you based on how you requested payment during sign-up (Rewards Visa Card or Supplying Distributor Rebate). This will be processed in the next few weeks and will give you the chance to use your points even earlier. You will still have the opportunity to earn 1-5% on your ACDelco parts purchases each month, which will follow the regular payment schedule of 6-8 weeks after the end of the purchase month.
1 Free MyShop Training Course
MyShops are live customized courses where we have one-on-one live training with your shop (in-person or virtual) with a certified ACDelco Technical Services Manager/Trainer. This is an exclusive benefit usually only available members in Tier 4 and above, and we are giving you an amazing opportunity for a free MyShop on us! You will have three months from your registration date to book the MyShop training course before the offer expires.
To take advantage of this amazing opportunity, contact your ACDelco supplier and let them know that you would like to join the ACDelco PSC Program. Once registered and fully approved, you will be automatically entered into this promotion.

Contact the ACDelco Info-Line at 1-800-263-3526 with any questions.

*The Bonus Promotion is only open to qualifying newly registered repair facilities who have not been an active ACDelco PSC or ACDelco PSC RSSP member in the past 6 months (6 months prior to their official registration date). All ACDelco PSC and PSC RSSP Registration Guidelines apply for new members. Exclusions - Non Independent Service Centres, Active ACDelco PSC and PSC RSSP members, Fleets, GM Dealers, Jobbers and ACDelco full line and single Distributors do not qualify for this promotion. ACDelco reserves the right to modify or cancel the program at any time in whole or in part for any reason.