Product Spotlight: NEW ACDelco Ultraguard™ Oil Filters

Ultraguard premium filters have been engineered to provide more robust performance during extreme driving conditions such as extreme cold, corrosive environments, or high engine speed. With 98% multi-pass efficiency at 25-30 microns combined with increased burst-strength and durability, the ACDelco Ultraguard™ Oil Filter is the clear choice when performance matters. 

  • Heavy duty shell material is tested to four (4) times normal engine oil pressure and helps protect filter from rock impingement.
  • Heavy threaded plate helps protect against pressure spikes eight (8) times above normal operating pressure.
  • Ethylene Acrylate Rubber (AEM) premium anti-drainback valve tested to 175C (347F).
  • Heavy duty steel cover supports a high temperature gasket tested at 175C (347F).
  • Spiral wound steel core tested to twice the OEM collapse requirement. 30% stronger than “straight locked” core designs.
  • Poppet style bypass valve (if required) with heat treated spring matching OEM pressure specifications.
  • Blended media are tested beyond normal change intervals.

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