ACDelco 65 Fleet Maintenance Free Battery

With more and more electronics on vehicles, having enough Reserve Capacity is more important than ever. Reserve Capacity is the measurement of the number of minutes of reserve power a battery has at a given load and powers mobile devices and in-vehicle Wi-Fi when the vehicle is off. 

The ACDelco 65 Fleet Professional Battery provides the reserve capacity needed to handle fleet vehicles and fits all Ford, Lincoln or Mercury vehicles requiring a group 65 battery built since the year 2000.

The ACDelco Fleet 65 battery has a 31% greater cycling performance than the traditional 65 series battery. 

Features and Benefits

Negative Paste Formulation: The extreme bond of the negative paste resists flaking to optimize performance and maximize battery life.

Framed Positive Grid: Optimized for conductivity, the framed grid technology is vibration resistant and offers excellent cycling performance.

Enhanced Life Alloy: Calcium alloy optimizes cycle life, maximizes performance and can help reduce water consumption.

Robust Envelope Separator: Helps resists punctures and optimizes acid circulation allowing the battery to remain cooler, helping to extend battery life.

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