​Installation Tips for ACDelco Beam Blades onto Pinch Tab Wiper Arms

Earlier this year, improvements were made to the connection system used on ACDelco Advantage and Professional beam wiper blades to ensure a positive engagement of the blade onto Pinch Tab wiper arms. Follow the instructions below, paying particular attention to step (4) of the sequence, where the thumb is used to raise and hold the back end of the blade adaptor in the “up position” so that the tabs located on the lower sides of the wiper arm will more easily align with the tabs located at the back end of the adaptor.  
  1. Push the small adaptor lever toward the center of the blade. 
  2. While doing Step 1, lift the factory installed adaptor off of the blade and discard it.
  3. Locate adaptor (B) and press it onto the center of the blade. The two nubs inside of the adaptor lock onto the area on the blade marked “X”.
  4. Hold your thumb firmly on the front of the adaptor, raising the back end up.
  5. Align the side arm tabs with the side tabs on the back end of the adaptor, and raise the blade into the underside of the arm.
  6. Rotate the blade up until the tip of the arm locks underneath the adaptor tab.
  7. The adaptor must lock onto the arm where indicated.

With this arm type, it is necessary to remove the pre-attached adaptor that is on the wiper blade and replace it with adaptor (B) that’s included in the package.
IMPORTANT: Before use, be sure the wiper blade is locked onto the wiper arm, and that the plastic protector is removed from the blade rubber.

Questions? Please send us a note via our contact us. If you’d like to speak to one of our TAC agents, call the ACDelco Info-Line at 1-800-263-3526 prompt 2.