TAC Tips for September 2016

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September 30, 2016
Thanks to our program member in: Nanaimo, BC
Vehicle: 2012 Chevrolet Equinox 2.4 L GDI
Condition: Engine cranks over but does not start, code P135A ignition coil circuit
The technician repaired the power wire to the coil in the engine harness

September 29, 2016
Thanks to our program member in: GTA, ON
Vehicle: 2009 Buick Lucerne 3.9 L
Condition: Crank over but do not start, vehicle was towed in
The technician checked the fuel pressure 0 PSI, the technician found out that the fuel pump relay was defective. He replaced the fuel pump relay. The vehicle was back 3 days after for the same problem, the technician replaced the fuel pump. The vehicle was back with the same problem. The technician performed a voltage drop on the fuel pump circuit and found that the fus box under the hood was defective.
Replacement of the under hood fuse box.

September 28, 2016
Thanks to our program member in: St John’s, NL
Vehicle: 2011 Ram 1500 5.7 L code P0302
Condition: Cylinder # 2 compression 220 PSI, engine vacuum 18 in, injector and coil was replaced
The technician performed a voltage drop on the injector and the ignition coil, no fault found.
Technician removed the cylinder head. He found that the lifter and camshaft were damaged.

September 27, 2016
Thanks to our program member in: Thunder Bay, ON
Vehicle: 2010 Hyundai Santa Fe 3.5L
Condition: Engine will not crank, the starter will make noise when the key were in start
The technician replaced 3 starter and one starter relay (Jobber)
Sent the vehicle to the dealership where the starter relay was replaced with an OEM part

September 26, 2016
Thanks to our program member in: Huntsville, ON
Vehicle: 2008 Chevrolet Aveo 1.6 L   
Condition: Crank over, will not start, Immobilizer light on
The technician replaced the immobilizer and reprogrammed the keys. The immobilizer light went off.
The engine would not start, the technician checked the communication wire from the immobilizer to the ECM for high resistance, the resistance was below 5 Ohms. 
Replaced the ECM

September 23, 2016
Thanks to our program member in: Lethbridge, AB
Vehicle: 2006 Chevrolet Impala 3.5 L
Condition: Lack of power, the technician was able to duplicate the problem on a road test
The technician performed an engine decarb

September 22, 2016
Thanks to our program member in: Regina, SK
Vehicle: 2006 Ford F350 6.0 L
Condition: Crank over normally, no start, towed in
ICP 1,300 PSI, IPR 80 %, New FICM,
The technician was not able to perform a BUZZ test with the scan tool
The technician repaired the wiring harness from the fuse to the FICM 

September 21, 2016
Thanks to our member in: Dartmouth, NS
Vehicle: 2009 Ford E350 6.0 L
Condition: Crank over normally, no start, vehicle was towed-in
The technician was able to duplicate the problem, he replaced the ICP and the IPR sensor with OEM parts
ICP 260 PSI, IPR 84% 
Replacement of the high pressure oil pump 

September 20, 2016
Thanks to our program member in: Sarnia, ON
Vehicle: 2005 GMC Savana 6.0 L
Condition: Engine will not start, vehicle was towed-in
There was a new under hood fuse, the technician was able to duplicate the problem, the engine cranked for only 1 minute then stopped
The technician replaced the ignition switch and the short wiring harness 

September 19, 2016
Thanks to our member in: Edmonton, AB
Vehicle: 2006 Chevrolet Impala 3.5 L
Condition: Battery light on, Generator was replaced 2 years ago, Code P0621
Tech replaced the ECM
With the scan tool:
Checked the Generator F PID duty cycle 99%
Checked the Generator L PID 72%
Generator was charging
When the Generator L PID said incomplete, the generator was not charging
Replaced the generator

September 16, 2016
Thanks to our program member in: Kitchener, ON
Vehicle: 2005 Cadillac STS 3.6 L   
Condition: Engine died on the road on acceleration or deceleration. Code B1440 Power Mode Mismatch
The technician replaced the ignition switch to solve the problem

September 15, 2016
Thanks to our program member in: Fredericton, NB
Vehicle: 2012 Ford Fusion 2.5 L
Condition: Erratic air temperature from the center duct
The technician connects the scan tool and finds no codes. He was able to duplicate the problem of erratic air temperature from the center air vent. With the scan tool he was able to monitor the blend door temperature actuator. He notes that the blend door motor was moving erratically all the time. He replaced the blend motor, however the problem is still present.
After the replacement of the blend door motor, it is very important to verify in the shop manual to check if that motor has to be recalibrated. To calibrate the blend door actuator on this vehicle there are 2 steps that need to be performed.
Remove fuse 15 in the Smart Junction Box for at least 1 minute
Turn the ignition on for 30 seconds to a minute before verifying correct Defrost / Panel/defrost, operation

September 14, 2016
Thanks to program member in: Victoria, BC
Vehicle: 2005 Chevrolet Cobalt 2.2 L
Condition: The instrument Cluster Panel Fuse 10 Amp is burning intermittently
Technician was not able to duplicate the problem in the shop. Customer was complaining that the HVAC unit was also not working.The technician verified that the wiring harness feeding the instrument cluster ran behind the radio. As a result, he decided to remove the radio to check the wiring harness. He found that the wiring harness was rubbing on a metal bracket. The technician repaired the wiring and repositioned the harness. 

Sept 13, 2016
Thanks to our program member in:   Alliston, ON.
Vehicle:  2008 Honda Civic, 1.8L.
Condition:  No start, no power to the start fuse (10amp).
Looked for an aftermarket alarm system that is tied in between the ignition switch and the fuse.

Sept 12, 2016
Thanks to our program member in:   Sarnia, ON.
Vehicle:  2010 Honda Accord, 3.5L.
Condition:  After replacing the timing belt the vehicle sets codes P0301,P0302,P0303,P0304,P0305,P0306 and P0300.
Check valves for proper adjustment.

Sept 9, 2016
Thanks to our program member in:   Oshawa, ON.
Vehicle:  2012 Audi A4, 2.0L.
Condition:  Rear calipers will not function after replacing brake pads.
Following the appropriate service information. The piston is retracted using a scan tool, failure to do so may cause damage to the caliper piston.

Sept 8, 2016
Thanks to our program member in:   Brampton, ON.
Vehicle:  2008 Toyota Camry, 2.4L.
Condition: Idle hunting after the vehicle battery was replaced.
Clean throttle body bore and perform a hard battery reset. Let vehicle idle for 10 minutes. 

Sept 7, 2016
Thanks to our program member in: Prince George, BC
Vehicle: 2005 Honda Civic 1.7
Condition: Vehicle keeps setting code P0139 (secondary
heated oxygen sensor [sensor 2] slow response). The sensor has been replaced twice. Tech checks service bulletins and finds that there is a software update to address this concern. 

Sept 6, 2016
Thanks to our program member in: Stratford, PEI
Vehicle: 2010 Honda Odyssey 3.5
Condition: Left sliding door does not open or close from any switch. Tech finds that the door will not open and there is no signal to the motor. Tech finds that the articulated harness has broken wires in it.

Sept 2, 2016
Thanks to our program member in: Thunder Bay, ON
Vehicle: 2005 Pontiac Sunfire 2.2L
Condition: No power to the pink wire at the ignition module the fuse is okay. Tech found that the wiring harness was rubbing on the transmission mount bracket there was 3 broken wires found one of them was the pink wire to the ignition module.

Sept 1, 2016
Thanks to our program member in: Brampton, ON
Vehicle: 2008 Honda Odyssey 3.5L V6
Condition: Tech notes code P0304, upon inspection finds that the spark plug has carbon build up on the tip. Tech checks for TSB’s and finds that the cause of the problem is the oil control rings on the rear bank.

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Jean’s passion for repairs started early when he started helping his father repair and maintain his farm equipment.  He made a decision to pursue being a technician and entered a trade school after hearing some wise words from his high school teacher who said:  “If you don’t do any training, you will be obsolete in 8 years”.  These words stuck with Jean and throughout the years he has continued to learn about new vehicle technology, taking evening Electronic Courses at Algonquin College in addition to the additional online courses and in class courses offered through his work experience as well as other all makes focuses, such as some specific gas and diesel engine diagnostic repairs for Chryslers.