Absorbent Glass Matte Batteries: The Best choices for high powered applications.
Wednesday October 8th, 2014

Absorbent Glass Matte Batteries: The Best choices for high powered applications.

AGM batteries tend to be one of the best choices for high powered applications.  They have a wider temperature range than flooded lead acid (FLA) batteries and are likely to have a slower self-discharge rate which means they can be stored for longer periods when not being used or can more easily start the vehicle or equipment after it has been parked for extended periods of time.

AGM vs. Flooded Batteries – More Features
  • AGM batteries are designed to operate in the 60%+ state-of-charge range.  This gives the AGM technology better cycling capability and the ability to be more deeply discharged and then fully recover when recharged.
  • The compression of the cells within the AGM battery causes the original (new) performance of the AGM battery to be maintained longer than the flooded battery. This is because the battery paste (which stores the energy) is held in place by the compressed glass mat while the paste in a flooded battery can fall to the battery bottom as the battery is cycled or ages
  • AGM batteries have up to 4x the cycle life of a similar sized flooded battery
  • AGM batteries have up to 50% less self-discharge than a comparable flooded battery
  • The use of AGM batteries in GM vehicles is forecast to grow every year
Know when to use AGM Batteries

With more AGM applications on the market, it’s now more important to know when and when not to use an AGM battery.  The best advice is the obvious – replace an AGM battery with an original equipment AGM battery.  Although AGM batteries can replace regular flooded lead acid batteries, an AGM battery cannot be replaced with a regular flooded lead acid battery and survive.   OEM’s specify AGM batteries for their superior ability to deep cycle between charges.  A similar sized flooded battery will not perform adequately in an AGM-battery-equipped-vehicle with stop/start technology and modern electronics.

Another tip – charging AGM batteries is different than charging a regular battery. Make sure there is an AGM setting on your battery charger.

ACDelco’s Professional AGM batteries are totally maintenance-free as well as being 100% leak-proof and spill-proof.  The electrolyte is held permanently in the glass mat separator instead of free flowing within each cell.   Available in popular BCI groups, ACDelco’s AGM batteries are ideal for fleet vehicles that demand greater power, vibration control, longer life expectancy and are spill-proof.