Tech Tip – New Fuel Module Design

ACDelco recently made changes to several fuel modules to further enhance their perfor­mance. The timing of the changes for each part number has varied, but implementation of the changes began last summer.

When replacing a fuel module, you may have noticed some of these new design changes:

A. The pump changed from a Gerotor pump to a Genera­tion 4 Turbine pump, which is quieter and more durable.

B. The module plastic material changed to a more fuel resistant Acetyl plastic that provides an improved high alcohol fuel tolerance.

C. Guide rods were reduced from 3 to 2, which retains proper alignment while reducing pinching.

D. Jet pump has been added to help maintain fuel in the reservoir.

E. The float material is more fuel resistant for longer life.

F. The external strainer has been moved inside the fuel module to help reduce the chance of puncture.

G. Some float arms and pivot points have changed; how­ever, the fuel level sensor output has not changed.

While the appearance of the fuel modules has changed, the fit, form and function has not. In addition, the part numbers did not change.

To address any concerns regarding the product changes, a special notice is included inside each box explaining that the module has undergone changes.

Contributor:  ACDelco Technical Assistance Centre
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