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The business is currently enrolled in another ACDelco Program and wishes to cancel to register for the ACDelco Automotive Care Experts (ACE) Program. By selecting one of these options, you agree to cancel from your current ACDelco program membership, as of this date, and proceed registering for the ACDelco ACE Program.

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Program Costs

Membership in the ACDelco ACE Program includes a minimal monthly charge, per individual repair facility business and location (fee per location), billed via the member’s approved Sponsoring authorized ACDelco Distributor. Contact your parts supplier for pricing details. Fees are subject to change at any time and without notice.

OPTIONAL - ACDelco ACE Registration Kit

As a new ACDelco member you have the option to sign up for and receive a one-time Marketing kit valued at over $250. The sign up kit fee is only $99 (one-time fee). This kit includes various marketing materials including banners.
To opt out of the kit – ensure to note your preference below.

ACDelco ACE Registration Kit


As part of your ACDelco ACE membership, you can earn rewards for your monthly purchases through your reporting ACDelco distributor(s). You will also have the opportunity to earn bonus rewards throughout the year with exclusive program member promotions. Any qualifying rewards will be paid to you each month and paid based on the payment method you pick during registration. You can receive your monthly rewards in one of two ways: A Reloadable ACDelco ACE Visa Rewards card or a rebate processed through each reporting ACDelco distributor.

The choice between these options is up to the account and should depend on the needs of the business. ACDelco ACE Rewards Points are made by ACDelco to the Business and it will be the sole responsibility of the Business Owner to report any taxable benefit conferred on any individual under the program that may be required under the Income Tax Act and to issue the requisite T4 and T4A information slips.

Note: Changes to ACDelco ACE rewards option are done once annually on a calendar year and may not be changed outside of this time period.

NOTE: Parts purchases from General Motors dealerships nor purchases of training or non-ACDelco parts do not qualify as purchases in the ACDelco Rewards Program.

The undersigned Independent Service Centre (ISC) has read the terms of enrolment of the ACDelco Automotive Care Experts (ACE) program and wishes to enrol in the ACDelco ACE Rewards Program. ISC will begin earning rewards on eligible purchases starting the month of enrolment in accordance with the Automotive Care Experts program terms and conditions. The ISC understands that it must be enrolled in the ACDelco Automotive Care Experts program to be eligible to participate in the ACDelco ACE Rewards Program.


I would like to receive and be paid my ACDelco ACE Rewards via:

*Activation Requirement for the Reloadable ACDelco Visa card - Please note selecting a prepaid reloadable Visa card will require identity verification in order to activate the card and secure the funds. This includes completing a profile within a secure site at MyPrepaidCenter and confirming details on fund use, occupation and uploading a selfie and photo of a government issues ID to complete your identity verification. By selecting payment by a reloadable Visa Rewards Card you understand this administrative requirement.


We recommend using your personal email address as confidential rewards information will be sent to and accessible.

ACDelco reserves the right to cancel the ACDelco ACE Rewards Program at any time without prior notice.


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ACDelco Distributor Supplier


Do you own more than one shop? You are required to attain a membership for each shop and pay the full membership fee for each individually addressed shop if you would like to earn rewards for each business’ purchases. Only shops officially registered and approved for the program will qualify for program benefits and rewards regardless if the shops are under the same corporation or owned by the same individual. This includes participation in program promotions.

Terms and Conditions

  1. Membership in the Automotive Care Experts Program (the "Program") and the earning and redemption of ACDelco ACE Rewards are subject to the ACDelco ACE Program Guidelines (the "Guidelines") as they may be amended from time to time by General Motors of Canada Company ("GM Canada" or "ACDelco"). The current version of the Guidelines are attached hereto. These terms and conditions are referred to herein as the "Agreement".
  2. Without limiting the generality of section 1 above:
    1. The Guidelines set out the current Program structure and benefits;
    2. ISC must pay all sign up fees and monthly fees as set out in the Guidelines;
    3. ISC must continue to satisfy the Program eligibility requirements;
    4. ISC is solely responsible for the ACDelco ACE Visa Rewards card; ACDelco is not responsible for lost or stolen cards.
  3. During the term of its enrolment in the Program, ISC is licensed to use the ACDelco trade-mark ("the Mark") in connection with the conduct of its related automotive service operations at the location specified on the first page of this ACDelco ACE Registration Form provided that:
    1. ISC adheres to the standards governing the quality of products and services provided in association with the Mark that are set from time to time by the owner of the Mark, and communicated to ISC by ACDelco;
    2. ISC may use the Mark only in the form and manner, and only with the appropriate legends, prescribed from time to time by the owner of the Mark, and communicated to ISC by ACDelco;
    3. ISC does nothing to jeopardize the validity of the Mark or the goodwill attaching hereto;
    4. ISC uses the Mark only in association with products and services covered by the Canadian trade-mark registration for the Mark, as the case may be, and where the registration for the Mark covers products, ISC may use the Mark only in association with products purchased directly or indirectly from ACDelco in and for use and sale in Canada;
    5. ISC shall not use the Mark or any other trade-mark of General Motors of Canada Company or any of its subsidiaries or affiliates (collectively "General Motors"), or any part thereof, without the prior written consent of General Motors or its designee;
    6. ISC shall have no right to initiate or prosecute any legal actions or other proceedings, of any nature, involving the Mark; only General Motors and/or GM of Canada shall have such right;
    7. Upon termination of this Agreement for any reason, ISC shall immediately cease any and all use of the Mark hereunder and shall discontinue the provision of products and services in association with the Mark and shall return to ACDelco all materials bearing the Mark;
    8. ISC further agrees to immediately discontinue the use of the Mark and the "Automotive Care Experts" and "ACE" names upon the written request of ACDelco.
  4. ACDelco reserves the right to change, modify, reject application or cancel membership to the Program at any time for any reason without notice. In addition, ACDelco shall have the right to terminate ISC's membership in the Program in the event of ISC's breach of any of these Terms and Conditions or the then current Program Guidelines.
  5. By clicking the check box here ISC represents and warrants that the above mentioned business is not currently operating under or in affiliation with a General Motors Dealership.
  6. ISC will defend and indemnify and hold GM Canada harmless from any loss, damage, liability, claim, demand, suit and expense (including legal fees) which may be incurred by GM Canada or its officers, directors, affiliates, subsidiaries, parent companies, employees or agents as the result of or in connection with ISC's operation of its automotive service operations or a breach of ISC's obligations or representations under this Agreement or the Guidelines.
  7. This Agreement shall be governed by and construed and enforced in accordance with the laws of the province in which the ISC has its principal place of business (as set out on the first page of this ACDelco ACE Registration Form).
  8. The provisions of this Agreement and the Guidelines are severable, and if any part is found to be unenforceable, the enforceability of the remaining provisions shall remain fully valid and enforceable.
  9. This Agreement and the Guidelines (as amended from time to time by ACDelco) constitutes the entire agreement between ISC and ACDelco with respect to the Program. The provisions of this Agreement supersede all prior and contemporaneous agreements, communications, representations, and understandings of the parties relating to the subject matter hereof.
  10. All notices given under this Agreement shall be delivered in writing by facsimile or by reputable overnight courier addressed to the other party at the addresses appearing on the first page of this Agreement or such other address as a party may designate in writing to the other party hereto. Notice shall be deemed given upon receipt.
  11. ISC may not assign its rights or obligations under this Agreement, either in whole or in part, without the prior written consent of ACDelco.
  12. The parties acknowledge that ISC is and shall remain an independent contractor, and its personnel are not employees or agents of ACDelco for any purposes whatsoever. ISC assumes responsibility for the acts of its employees and agents.

Security Code


The ACDelco Automotive Care Experts Program Member acceptance of this agreement signifies the ACDelco Automotive Care Experts Program Member has reviewed the ACDelco Automotive Care Experts Program fulfillment kit and agrees to its content including the Trade Mark and Service Mark License.