ACDelco PSC RSSP Rewards

As an Independent Service Centre, you can earn monthly rewards through the ACDelco Professional Service Centre (PSC) Rewards program.  The Rewards Program is available to ACDelco PSC member in the Retail Service Support Program (PSC RSSP) members. The more ACDelco parts you purchase, the more rewards points you will earn! The ACDelco PSC RSSP Rewards web site gives you access to your monthly qualifying ACDelco purchases and a summary of the points you have earned month over month, including any bonus points.

Already an ACDelco PSC RSSP member? There are currently two web sites available for your rewards depending on the month you are looking for. Log into TechConnect Canada for more information and full Rewards Program guidelines.


If you are not currently an ACDelco member and would like more information on the ACDelco PSC RSSP Rewards program, contact an ACDelco supplier in your area or send us a note on our Contact Us page.